Why You Need a WordPress Driven Website

Today we’re going to cover WordPress. Over the next few weeks I’m going to be covering the reason why you need a particular type of website. Weather it be a small one page website or a full blown Content Management System. This is intended for those interested in either establishing a web presence or simply giving their current website a fresh new look.

So sit tight and let me explain to you why you need a WordPress driven website.

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Red Eye Designer is Changing

Over the last year I had gone from taking on only small projects on a part time basis to taking on sturdy projects for medium sized business, organizations and agencies. I was a single person taking on projects I could not have imagined taking just one year earlier. Business was good and being the boss was better. However, staying up until 4-5 in the morning was a very common occurrence. Running a business takes a great deal of time as you might imagine. I was one person taking it all on and as it turns out, I didn’t fancy it as much as I had thought. Something had to change and therefore, Red Eye Designer was put on hold.

Until now…

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VaultPress – Keeping Your Website Safe.

Backing up your site is important, very important. However, this is something that nobody wants to think about, but once it happens – you know, doom. The kind that is waiting for you because you have the-worst-luck-ever-and-if-you-didn’t-have-bad-luck-you-wouldn’t-have-any-luck-at-all-kind of doom – your site, for whatever reason goes down. Not only that, but your files, images, drafts, settings…all gone. Forever. Unless of course you set up VaultPress.

I was recently given a golden ticket to try out the new premium¬†service, VaultPress. The service is provided by the same people behind WordPress, Automattic. It seems the team over there has really out done themselves. As they say on their site: “Disaster happens. Things go wrong. Aliens attack. Enter VaultPress.”

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Using CSS3 Today

There are plenty of things on the web about CSS3. It seems like everyone has said anything and everything there is to say about the next iteration of Cascading Style Sheets. ¬†Having been using it recently on my site’s redesign, I’ve decided to jot down a quick note about using CSS3 today; even if that means that browsers like IE 6, 7 or 8 don’t get any CSS3 love.

You don’t ever want to design from the bottom up, but rather from the top down. Start with the best possible out come, then ensure that your sites degrade gracefully. We shouldn’t be limiting ourselves by developing sites for the most common browser or the most out dated. As Andy Clarke says, “I strongly believe that to achieve the best design that I can, I should design to the best browser I can, not to the lowest common denominator or the most widely installed.

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