Alive and Kicking

I wanted to write a quick update on how things are going for this guy. If you’re reading this you can probably tell that I haven’t been updating the blog as frequent as I had hoped. Frankly, work has been taking a lot of time and when I’m not working I like to take time off. For me. Now I haven’t been completely disconnected from this site. I’ve been working on a new look and feel for the site. I’ve never really been happy with my site. Truth be told, I started working on a redesign since I last launched. I was in a hurry to get my site up and running so I could find work  – work that I eventually got. I’ll be

Well, that time has come again. I’m going to aggressively start looking for freelance work soon . Business cards are being designed and I am in the middle of coding up my new home page. I’m hoping to have something up and running before the end of the year.


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