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Staying Motivated

Have you ever felt it was Saturday morning when it’s only Tuesday? Earlier this week I woke up as usual, except this time I thought I didn’t have to get my self to work. Lately, I’ve been feeling unmotivated to get in front of my computer and get some work done. Staying motivated was easy at first, but that changed after a while. I’ve started feeling like taking a break from everything; from computers, reading about the web, and the constant need to work.

Here’s what I think about what happened and what we can do to stay motivated.

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Breaking Free From the Desk

As a freelancer I get to work from home from time to time. However, there’s something about working away from the home that makes me more productive and more efficient than working in front a traditional desk. I am the kind of guy that is able to concentrate more when I’m not at home or at the office. Maybe it’s being surrounded by strangers or the coffee house music in the background. Somehow, though there is constant noise, I am able get through hours and hours of work. Like anything else however, working remotely does have it’s pros and cons. It’s something that you have to be in the mood for.

Here are my experiences and thoughts on why you should consider breaking free from your desk and on to your favorite coffee shop.
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Working as a Freelancer

I’ve been asked a few times how my job has been working out. As some of you know, I currently have a freelance job with a TV network. It’s great because the job comes with a consistent paycheck and there’s no need for me to chase anyone down to pay their invoice on time. Something every freelancer has to deal with are all the administrative things of a business. Everything from sales to accounting. So the fact that I got a gig where I don’t have to deal with any of it certainly makes me feel warm inside.

However, being a freelancer means no paid vacations, no sick pay, and no health insurance. Options like definitely help, but that is something I have to take care of on my own.
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Red Eye Designer takes off!

We have lift off! After long hours, million of sound bytes from pandora, and gallons of coffee, Red Eye Designer is online! I had a lot of fun building this site and learned a lot about WordPress. I even picked up some jQuery along the way. I feel like I ran a marathon. Today signifies a big moment for me as this is more than just a website. It’s a business, a hobby, and a passion all in one.

And today, it’s my pleasure to present to you, Red Eye Designer. Online and at your service.
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