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Working hard, not hardly working

I’ve been really busy lately. Aside from regular freelance projects, this site’s redesign has been taking a big chunk of my time. It’s coming along nicely. I was hoping to launch it this last weekend, but I’ve decided to take some time to add features that will make it easier to update my portfolio. I’ve also decided to spend more time with the site’s typography. I’m hoping the extra time will help me make a better site.

New blog post coming as soon as I launch later this week. Promise.


New Design Coming Soon!

A while ago I launched the site you’re currently reading this on. I wanted a place where I can let people know a little bit about me and my thoughts web design related things. At the same time I’ve been having a lax approach about the things I post here. Having a place online where I can be personal and professional has been great. I landed some awesome clients because of it and kept those people who know me in the loop about my¬†shenanigans. I was reading the FreelanceSwitch blog where someone said, “A website is never ‘done’. It is only abandoned.” I am a strong believer of that. Though this site has only been around for 6 months, I feel that it is time to launch it’s 3rd¬†iteration.

A new design is not the only thing that’s changing. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come.

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Year in Review – 2009

The day was January 23, 2009. It was my last day working with a great company; Drum Workshop (DW Drums) was my first desk job. Before then I was a plumbers assistant. Which was also fun, but required dealing with a lot of crap if you know what I mean. I had accepted an offer made by Volusion for a job I was sure was going to start my career in web development. For just over a year I had been working on becoming a web developer. I was reading of books, watching TONS of video tutorials, and staying up until 3am everyday practicing my skills. I learned a lot in a very short amount of time. Then came January 26th. I was starting my new job that and it drained me beyond what I had expected. I wasn’t even using any of the skills I had been learning up this point. Even worse, I didn’t even see it coming.

I thought my new job would expand my knowledge of web development. I was wrong.
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Digging into WordPress

Learning so much about Drupal over the last few months have been fun. However, it’s also pushed me into wanting to really dig into WordPress lately. I’ve been absent from my site for a long time and it’s finally time I get back in gear. I recently purchased Digging into WordPress and am 4 chapters in. I love it! I definitely recommend it to anyone wants to learn how to make WordPress their own.

I’ll be working on a new WordPress project soon and this book has definitely made me more comfortable. Way more than I was when I launched this site – and I’m only 4 chapters in!

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