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Internet Explorer

When it comes to web design, I’m new. I’ve been doing it for about a year now. All year long I’ve been learning about web standards and today’s common practices. From the very beginning of this endeavor I’ve noticed that working with Internet Explorer (IE) has always been a hassle to me. At first I thought it was me. I thought that I didn’t know my way around development and that I was messing up. I found ways to work around IE to make it look good across most popular browsers. However, the fact that I have to take extra steps really pisses me off. Not that I don’t mind working extra hard. I just hate having to work extra hard for something that’s obsolete.

I’ve been learning how to build compatible sites for IE 6. IE 6! A browser that was released in 2001! IE 7 came out in 2006. It took M$ over 5 years to come out with a new browser. Meanwhile browsers like Firefox and Apple’s Safari have been coming out updates every other Tuesday (exaggeration). Technology evolves and develops on a daily basis. While people are still using a browser (IE 6) that doesn’t support transparent PNG’s, Firefox and Safari have been evolving along with the technology.

There is some hope for IE. With the recent announcement that IE 8 passed the Acid2 test, I’m left wondering if M$ has finally building a browser that works. As a designer I hope for no more work-arounds. I just want to write in my semantically correct code and have my site working the way I want it to.

I guess this is just a rant. I hate having to support something that not even M$ is supporting. IE 6 and 7 are dead browsers. If you are reading this blog from one of those browsers, please go here. Do yourself a favor and upgrade. You won’t be disappointed. It’ll take some time for you wash off the curse IE leaves you with, but once you’re done, you’ll never go back.

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  1. It’s not just you. Internet Explorer is garbage and always has been a bitch to work with. You could get things looking uniform on every other browser known to man but when you load it up on IE, everything is always ass-backwards.


  2. Internet explorer is the most common browser for downloading firefox with!
    Microsoft would be better off to ship windows with firefox installed.


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