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A while ago I launched the site you’re currently reading this on. I wanted a place where I can let people know a little bit about me and my thoughts web design related things. At the same time I’ve been having a lax approach about the things I post here. Having a place online where I can be personal and professional has been great. I landed some awesome clients because of it and kept those people who know me in the loop about my shenanigans. I was reading the FreelanceSwitch blog where someone said, “A website is never ‘done’. It is only abandoned.” I am a strong believer of that. Though this site has only been around for 6 months, I feel that it is time to launch it’s 3rd iteration.

A new design is not the only thing that’s changing. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come.

New look

Though the layout of the blog isn’t changing much, but my portfolio is getting a bit of a facelift. Over all, visitors will find it easier to find me and contact me if say, they want to hire me. I’ll also be adding mobile support; I was surprised at how many people visit my site using their phones. The site wil also be flexible for growth so that I don’t have to do this again in another 6 months.

New Services

I will be offering a couple of new services starting next month. Over the last few months I’ve gotten request to design and develop sites as well as creating sites that are mobile ready.


Other than that, the new site will load much faster. My site will have some new CSS techniques that will not be supported in all browsers, but will definitely be cool for those of you on newer browsers. I was thinking of making my site apear in black and white for IE users, but decided it’s not worth the trouble.

Are we there yet?

I’ve been working long hours to get this site up and running by the end of the month and now it’s time for me to get back to it.

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