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VaultPress – Keeping Your Website Safe.

Backing up your site is important, very important. However, this is something that nobody wants to think about, but once it happens – you know, doom. The kind that is waiting for you because you have the-worst-luck-ever-and-if-you-didn’t-have-bad-luck-you-wouldn’t-have-any-luck-at-all-kind of doom – your site, for whatever reason goes down. Not only that, but your files, images, drafts, settings…all gone. Forever. Unless of course you set up VaultPress.

I was recently given a golden ticket to try out the new premium┬áservice, VaultPress. The service is provided by the same people behind WordPress, Automattic. It seems the team over there has really out done themselves. As they say on their site: “Disaster happens. Things go wrong. Aliens attack. Enter VaultPress.”

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