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Why You Need a WordPress Driven Website

Today we’re going to cover WordPress. Over the next few weeks I’m going to be covering the reason why you need a particular type of website. Weather it be a small one page website or a full blown Content Management System. This is intended for those interested in either establishing a web presence or simply giving their current website a fresh new look.

So sit tight and let me explain to you why you need a WordPress driven website.

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Digging into WordPress

Learning so much about Drupal over the last few months have been fun. However, it’s also pushed me into wanting to really dig into WordPress lately. I’ve been absent from my site for a long time and it’s finally time I get back in gear. I recently purchased Digging into WordPress and am 4 chapters in. I love it! I definitely recommend it to anyone wants to learn how to make WordPress their own.

I’ll be working on a new WordPress project soon and this book has definitely made me more comfortable. Way more than I was when I launched this site – and I’m only 4 chapters in!

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