TypeKit Rocks my socks!

If you’re a web designer you know how lame it feels when your design could use that extra umph that web-safe fonts simply can not provide. Some of you’re options today are to use a CSS image replacement technique, a flash emded, or using @font-face. However, now we have a new option: TypeKit.

I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time. Here’s my spiel…

A while ago I received an invite to use TypeKit. It’s a system that allows you to use tons of awesome fonts on your site. Real fonts, not flash embeds (ex. sIFR). This makes it incredibly easy to copy and paste content without error. In addition to fast load times, easy set up, and a vast amount of fonts to choose from make this a perfect solution. They have great packages that can accommodate anything from a personal siteĀ  to a corporate one. It definitely helps that the fonts don’t suck either. I first signed up for a free account to try it out. Now, I’m rocking the Portfolio package and am ready to go. I’m really happy with the cost.

I’ve been implementing TypeKit on this site for quite some time now (check out my sidebar headers on the right) and have not been disappointed. The service works on all browsers that support the CSS @font-face property. This includes Firefox, Safari, and even Internet Explorer! Of course, there are some browsers where this will not work, but not to worry, your default web-safe font will kick in.

I hope to use this on some of my client’s sites in the future. For now, I’m gonna play with some new fonts. Until next time!

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