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There are plenty of things on the web about CSS3. It seems like everyone has said anything and everything there is to say about the next iteration of Cascading Style Sheets.  Having been using it recently on my site’s redesign, I’ve decided to jot down a quick note about using CSS3 today; even if that means that browsers like IE 6, 7 or 8 don’t get any CSS3 love.

You don’t ever want to design from the bottom up, but rather from the top down. Start with the best possible out come, then ensure that your sites degrade gracefully. We shouldn’t be limiting ourselves by developing sites for the most common browser or the most out dated. As Andy Clarke says, “I strongly believe that to achieve the best design that I can, I should design to the best browser I can, not to the lowest common denominator or the most widely installed.

By now we should all understand that we need to design and develop websites for our audiences, not for browser uniformity. Of course if our audience predominately uses IE6 then we must make sure our work reflects that. If our audience mostly use newer, modern browsers, then we must not limit our work to the old standard. We are not machines who only think about making EVERY single website look the same in EVERY single browser. We are designers who create human interfaces that make life easier for the user. We are developers that want to use the very best most up-to-date technology to add convenient yet practical sense of use. Bluntly, we are web geeks who want our sites to look and feel sexy.

If we constantly limit our website’s to look and feel exactly the same way on older browsers as they do with new ones, we have failed to progress. To keep the web moving forward we must be the ones behind it, pushing the boundaries. So don’t be afraid to use new CSS3 features. Cowboy up and move the industry forward.

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