VaultPress – Keeping Your Website Safe.

Backing up your site is important, very important. However, this is something that nobody wants to think about, but once it happens – you know, doom. The kind that is waiting for you because you have the-worst-luck-ever-and-if-you-didn’t-have-bad-luck-you-wouldn’t-have-any-luck-at-all-kind of doom – your site, for whatever reason goes down. Not only that, but your files, images, drafts, settings…all gone. Forever. Unless of course you set up VaultPress.

I was recently given a golden ticket to try out the new premium service, VaultPress. The service is provided by the same people behind WordPress, Automattic. It seems the team over there has really out done themselves. As they say on their site: “Disaster happens. Things go wrong. Aliens attack. Enter VaultPress.”

Back That Up!

There are tons of things you can download and protect your database, but nothing quite like this. And backing up your database isn’t this dogs only trick. All of your precious work, time and efforts are safely being backed up in a magical cloud. Keeping you worry free and focused on your work, not maintenance. VaultPress does a really good job of working behind the scenes, never pulling you away from your workflow. In fact, once you finish the initial setup, you’ll never need to check on it. Unless of course your site goes bye bye, then VaultPress has you covered. Simply download your files, install them, and poof! You’re done. And for those of you going, “Oh man, I don’t want to restore anything when my site goes down. I want VaultPress to restore it for me.” Well, you’re in luck, because the people behind this magnificent service are working on making that happen.

Peace of Mind

If you operate a self hosted WordPress site then simply put, you need to sign up for VaultPress. This is a premium service for a nominal fee. $15 a month during the beta, $20 after. The basic plan alone will go a long way to keep your site safe and secured, but there are more plans you can sign up for.

Once I finished my initial set up, I was able to relax and trust that my website was going to be just fine. No matter what.

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  1. I signed up for Vaultpress several months ago and thought they’d have the automatic Restore function online by now. I hope they get it going pretty soon. Overall, I agree with your assessment.


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