Why You Need a WordPress Driven Website

Today we’re going to cover WordPress. Over the next few weeks I’m going to be covering the reason why you need a particular type of website. Weather it be a small one page website or a full blown Content Management System. This is intended for those interested in either establishing a web presence or simply giving their current website a fresh new look.

So sit tight and let me explain to you why you need a WordPress driven website.

Meet WordPress

For those of you out of the loop: WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and content management system. Right out of the box WordPress gives you control over vital aspects of your site. Weather you need to change copy on a page or replace an image in a gallery, WordPress handles the hard part behind the scenes so you don’t have to.

Create a post

Easily add content to your site with WordPress

A WordPress website’s look is powered by themes and there are thousands upon thousands of themes available to you. Some are free while others will cost you some money. The price could vary largely depending on your specifics needs and budget.

Here are some other things WordPress gets out of the box:

  • A perfect blogging solution
  • A robust comment system
  • Easy content management
  • Control over banner images
  • Basic control over look and feel
  • Access to easily edit your site navigation
  • Site widgets
  • The ability to give access to others with very specific permissions
  • The ability to change your sites content easily and painlessly!
Twenty Eleven WordPress default theme

Twenty Eleven WordPress default theme

Extending WordPress

Is this not enough for you? WordPress allows you to extend it’s functionality with plugins. For instance, if you’d like to add a contact form to your site, there’s a plugin for that. Want to add some Facebook integration to your site? There’s a plugin for that. Want to add some extra SEO functionality to your site? Well, you get the idea. Plugins give you the power to extend WordPress in an infinite amount of ways.

WordPress can be refined to meet the needs of most businesses.  In the hands of a well versed developer, WordPress can go from a simple blogging site to an all out content management site. Appropriate for company, news, or product sites.

Theme Options

Add Theme Options to WordPress

Why use WordPress

Weather your a small shop looking establish your web presence or perhaps a well established business looking to provide up to date information to your user base, WordPress is the right tool for the job. It’s versatility and short learning curve are arguably unmatched by another other content management system.

Coming Soon!

  • The 1 Page Website
  • Drupal, complex websites done right.
  • Facebook Connect
  • Tumblr

Want to get started?

Feel free to get in touch and ask if WordPress is right for you. Hope to hear from you soon!

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  1. David,
    This is some great info! I whole-heartedly agree with you on the matter. WordPress is so easy to use :) Keep up the great posts!


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