Working as a Freelancer

I’ve been asked a few times how my job has been working out. As some of you know, I currently have a freelance job with a TV network. It’s great because the job comes with a consistent paycheck and there’s no need for me to chase anyone down to pay their invoice on time. Something every freelancer has to deal with are all the administrative things of a business. Everything from sales to accounting. So the fact that I got a gig where I don’t have to deal with any of it certainly makes me feel warm inside.

However, being a freelancer means no paid vacations, no sick pay, and no health insurance. Options like definitely help, but that is something I have to take care of on my own.

It’s Hard Work

Seriously. Looking for work in LA is tough. Especially in a field of so many talented people. Early on I found myself struggling with graphic design. Sure, I was able to design user interfaces, but when it came to custom graphic designs I often found myself pulling my hair out. I had to team up with graphic designers if I wanted to land better gigs. That being said, I was able to work with the code. That came really easy to me. Then it hit me. Why not focus on what I am really good at? I decided to develop my strongest skill and move forward with development jobs. That was the reasoning behind the service I provide here on my site: converting Photoshop documents into fully functional websites.

There are many designers out there who do not feel comfortable with the development stage of a website. There are also those that simply have so much work that they wish they had someone who could help alleviate their workload. So, why not provide a solution to those people? Why not team up with a couple of them while we’re at it? In doing so, I’m building a network of creative individuals. This gives me (and them) more eyes in the field. Finding work is easier when you have more than one person looking.

Time to start looking…again

Immediately after I got work I stopped looking for it. This sounds perfectly normal if you’re a full-time employee, but as a freelancer, you must never stop looking. I made the mistake of thinking I could not handle the workload. So, I’ve started looking once again. Having been working on my skill nonstop for quite some time now, I feel like I can develop websites a lot faster than ever before. That, in combination with my ever growing network of awesome people, I’d say I’m ready to kickoff the new year strong.

Interested in working together?

Make sure you stop by my contact page.

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